• FYF Fest 2010

    7. Sep. 2010, 13:10 von monodistortion

    Sat 4 Sep – FYF Fest 2010
    (cross posted from the Coachella forums)

    My guess is that they're stretching themselves too thin and they just don't have enough planners or staff to get everything organized well. Some of the problems were just stupid. The music was pretty good other than that.

    When I bought the early sale ticket for $20 will call wasn't an option so I thought they had wised up and weren't allowing will call. I'm sure they had to re-enable will call later when it was too late to mail tickets though.

    I got down there around 12:45 so I missed Magic Kids who I was thinking of checking out and found parking for $4. I felt sorry for the people in the line for will call.

    I'd say it was in the 90's so I didn't think the heat was too bad. It gets that hot or in the 100's in my house all the time so I'm used to it. I thought there was plenty of shade areas with the trees scattered around.

  • Dope stuff

    6. Sep. 2010, 19:23 von dontdoitjake

    Sat 4 Sep – FYF Fest 2010

    The music was awesome

    Fuck yeah
  • Fuck Yeah Music! Fuck No Festival!

    6. Sep. 2010, 0:24 von milos57

    Sat 4 Sep – FYF Fest 2010

    FYF 2010 was a fantastic day of music amid a grueling slog through ridiculous lines, poor festival planning/operations, and an awful overall venue.

    First, the highlights. Abe Vigoda kicked the day off to an excellent start, with several new songs that sounded interesting . Screaming Females and Warpaint carried the torch with alternately fun and moody sets in the mid afternoon. While Best Coast was somewhat disappointing, Titus Andronicus delivered one of the best sets of the day with their indelible folk punk.

    As the sun went down, Local Natives played a heroic set with brilliant energy and melodies. Washed Out's set lacked a visual edge, but the sounds were dreamy as ever.

    Cold Cave showed off some excellent hooks and overall sounds, but didn't seem to know how to finish a song and ended their set with a gratuitous feedback solo that felt like a lame attempt to emulate My Bloody Valentine. Definitely the most pretentious set of the day. …