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Artists To Discover at Outside Lands 2019

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by Chloe Catajan

There's a place where you can fall in love at the rock show with Blink-182, catch Mike Birbiglia do standup, and witness Anderson .Paak debut his culinary expertise all in one weekend: Outside Lands.

The annual music festival returns to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California 9 to 11 August 2019. As always, the three-day event has a diverse lineup of acts and activities in store. There's a lot going on between The Barbary comedy tent, the GastroMagic food stage, and the main concert stages at all hours of the fest—so take advantage of all the greatness going on!

To help you plan for the fest, or if you just want to discover new music, we narrowed down ten rising artists from the lineup that you will not want to miss.


Golden Gate Park's forested confines make just the right backdrop for Aurora. The Norwegian singer explores earthly themes in her songwriting while venturing outward in sound. Lyrics that connect nature and the human condition are elevated by Aurora's ethereal vocals and baroque pop arrangements—an otherworldly experience as a whole. Her mystical approach lives up to the name of her latest release, A Different Kind of Human (Step II), the follow-up to last year's Infections of a Different Kind (Step I).

Performing: Friday, 9 August at 3:40 pm at the Twin Peaks stage.

The Seshen

Poetry and percussion are the weapons of choice for The Seshen. From engaging lyrics to drumming both live and tracked, the San Francisco Bay Area six-piece crafts a sharp blend of hip hop, electronic, and indie. The Seshen has two full-length albums under its belt, as well as more recent singles like ambient slow-burner “This Bitter Earth" and the pulsing, “Eidolon."

Performing: Friday, 9 August at 12:50 pm at the Sutro stage.

The Marías

A new wave of dream pop has been on the rise for a while now, and The Marías have been on top of it. Playing constant shows and festival spots (including Noise Pop earlier this year), the Los Angeles group brings to life a realm where the past and the imagined meet. Elements of psychedelic rock and jazz coat their sound with a vintage haze. Combined with lead singer María Zardoya's velvety vocals, The Marías' bilingual ballads unfold into silky soul-pleasers.

Performing: Friday, 9 August at 4:30 pm at the Panhandle stage.

Taylor Bennett

Known for insightful verses and a flow that keeps listeners on their toes, Chicago rapper Taylor Bennett pushes his style even further in The American Reject. The latest EP gives a voice to those who might feel unheard, putting focus on different genres, different demographics, and different narratives. Bennett's new material comes just in time for the fest, but expect to hear some fiery cuts off his previous two records as well.

Performing: Friday, 9 August at 12:00 pm at the Lands End stage.


Anthems should make you feel invincible and pumped up, and that's exactly what cupCakKe's songs achieve. The Chicago rapper packs a punch in every line—her unapologetically upfront lyrics bringing their delivery to maximum impact. While cupCakKe can be tongue-in-cheek and explicit on songs like “Squidward Nose" and “Duck Duck Goose," she also gets reflective on songs like the LGBTQ empowering “Crayons." Newest single “Ayesha," an ode to feeling yourself and shrugging off haters, is yet another example of her infectious boldness.

Performing: Saturday, 10 August at 6:10 pm at the Panhandle stage.


Over the last few years, Delacey's pop craftsmanship has been pretty behind the scenes. She co-wrote one of Halsey's biggest hits, “Without Me," as well as songs for The Chainsmokers, Demi Lovato, and other pop contemporaries. Now, Delacey is letting her voice be heard by recording her own material and performing at Outside Lands. Singles “My Man," “The Subway Song," and “Emily" feature her soulful vocals and easygoing beats, a toast to the soft-hearted and late-night thinkers.

Performing: Saturday, 10 August at 1:25 pm at the Panhandle stage.


Just Fatai's vox alone is a show-stopper. Earthy when mellow and a force of nature for high notes, the Australian neo-soul singer captures the heart of every emotion through her vocal tones. Her songs are accompanied by graceful piano and soft guitar parts that let her singing take the lead. Even in a large festival setting, songs like the expressive “Hide and Seek (Blue)" and “Purple" are sure to feel strikingly personal.

Performing: Saturday, 10 August at 12:00 pm at the Panhandle stage.

Cherry Glazerr

The Los Angeles three-piece finds solace in grunge and garage rock, channeling coming-of-age feelings and cognitive dissonance into heavy riffage and tell-all lyrics. The outcome is both fiery and mesmerizing. Compared to the observational nature of previous releases, Cherry Glazerr's latest record, Stuffed & Ready, gives an introspective look into lead vocalist-guitarist Clementine Creevy's internal dialog.

Performing: Sunday, 11 August at 1:10 pm at the Sutro stage.

Leven Kali

A rising singer-songwriter and producer from Santa Monica, California, Leven Kali puts a lot of soul into trip hop. His latest release, Leven Kali: Low Tide, is full of lush synths textured by mellow beats and an occasional jazzy lick. Kali's voice soars, elevating each track into a sonic euphoria. With all the elements coming together, Kali finds just the right balance for a pleasant listen.

Performing: Sunday, 11 August at 12:40 pm at the Twin Peaks stage.


Psychedelia and R&B make up the core of MorMor's sound, but the Canadian artist's tones are a brand of his own. Like a feel-good haze, MorMor's music is layered with shimmery and gauzy riffs. His voice is ethereal, allowing each song to feel like a cohesive and all-encompassing experience.

Performing: Sunday, 11 August at 5:55 pm at the Panhandle stage.

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