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8 Lesser Known Listens From Prince's Prolific Catalog

Credit: Chris Graythen / Getty Images

Prince's influence on pop music cannot be overstated. Rarely has an musician displayed such a diversity of talents and artistry to such critical acclaim and mainstream popularity. His imaginative blend of funk, soul and new wave transcended any label, affording him a level of super stardom rarely seen in any era.

Prince's most popular songs among Last.fm listeners reflect his eclectic sensibilities and represent some of the biggest hits of his career. However, following his death, we've compiled some lesser known deep cuts that are worth a listen too, as we celebrate the life of one of music's biggest talents.

1. The War - 617 Scrobbles, 223 Listeners
Released in 1998, "The War" is a 25-minute long rant, full of spooky government conspiracy theories. It's truly terrifying and apocalyptic in the future it envisions.

2. Dance with the Devil - 1,567 Scrobbles, 415 Listeners
The song was written for Tim Burton's Batman but was nixed by Warner Brothers. It's a darker take on superhero, proving Prince once again was ahead of the times.

3. Electric Intercourse - 4,982 Scrobbles, 730 Listeners
This unreleased power ballad almost appeared on Purple Rain but was eventually scrapped. Sonically it would have fit in just fine.

4. Xenophobia - 5,650 Scrobbles, 2,053 Listeners
A brassy banger off 2002's weirdly jazzy One Nite Alone…Live!.

5. Just As Long As We're Together - 28,500 Scrobbles, 10,600 Listeners
A sweet Stevie Wonder-esque love song, Off Prince's first album, 1978's For You.

6. Can I Play With U - 884 Scrobbles, 352 Listeners
This track is an unreleased collaboration with jazz icon Miles Davis. Recorded in 1985, Prince was ultimately disatisfied with this odd fusion of styles and blocked its official release.

7. Empty Room - 5,431 Scrobbles, 1,152 Listeners
A melancholy break-up track following his split from Susannah Melvoin (sister of Revolution collaborator Wendy) circa 2003. It's about as bleak as Prince ever got.

8. Wasted Kisses - 4,387 Scrobbles, 1,646 Listeners
This hidden track off 1998's New Power Soul is definitely the standout on an otherwise minor album.

Top Scrobbled Tracks

  1. When Doves Cry - 1.3 Million Scrobbles, 334,117Listeners
  2. Purple Rain - 1.3 Million Scrobbles, 319, 900 Listeners
  3. Kiss - 1.3 Million Scrobbles, 312,100 Listeners
  4. Little Red Corvette - 1 Million Scrobbles, 284,400 Listeners
  5. 1999 - 936,500 Scrobbles, 266,700 Listeners

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