• Top 10 Gigs of 2009

    1. Jan. 2010, 8:36 von farcophagus

    01. Les Claypool
    Date: 05 Dec 2009
    Venue: Fowlers Live
    Support: Dr El Suavo
    Highlights: Fisticuffs, Cosmic Highway
    Notes: I have never been late to a show before this day (at least not for the headlining band anyway), so imagine how pissed off I was that the first time I'm late to a show is for one of my all time favourite musicians.
    Having said that, I got there part way through Fisticuffs and soon got over the disappointment and substituted it for complete awe. I'm pretty sure anyone would have thought I was either very high or mentally retarded had they have looked at me.
    [last.fm link]

    02. Melvins
    Date: 27 Jan 2009
    Venue: Ding Dong Lounge
    Support: Umläut
    Highlights: Copache, Atlas Face (with Mike Patton)
    Notes: An appearance from Mike Patton during Umläut's set and Melvins playing all of Houdini make this something that I think I would have had to destroy children had I have missed it.
    I now feel like a complete moron for not caring when they supported Tool in 2002 and…