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Dez 13

Pyrior - only show on earth 2019 // Magnified Eye // Goshawk

Mit Pyrior, GosHawk und Magnified Eye in Zukunft am Ostkreuz

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Freitag, 13. Dezember 2019


Zukunft am Ostkreuz
Laskerstraße 5, Berlin, 10245, Germany

Tel: (+49) 176 57861079


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PYRIOR - only show on earth 2019 // MAGNIFIED EYE // GOSHAWK

VK: 10€ AK:12€
Tickets KoKa: https://www.koka36.de/pyrior-only-show-on-earth-2019_ticket_118549.html

Tickets: https://pyrior.bandcamp.com/merch/pyrior-only-show-on-earth-2019-magnified-eye-goshawk

Doors: 20:00
Show: 21:00


„Pyrior“ started during the year 2008 as a musician’s community dedicated to jam-sessions. This jam-sessions result in a trio of a classic rock formation, Toa Ster - Bass, Max Appeal - Guitar and Dan Low - Drums.
After the EP “Pulsar” (April 2009) the debut Album “Oceanus Procellarum” released in December 2010 and show a round mix of stonerrock and heavy psychedelic rock.
No matter how long the jams take, they always stay exciting and catchy. Riffs, trips and adorable melodies everywhere. “Oceanus Procellarum” is the first album which becomes 10 from 10 Points on Stonerrock.eu.
On the second album “Onestone” (Setalight Records / Fuzzmatazz Records, October 2014) more influences from spacerock, Krautrock and Postrock comes in to the music and makes these guys generate sounds from other spheres. A journey straight through the galaxy and back with ups and downs, giving you the creeps, some melancholy and lots of power!
With the third album “Portal” (Fuzzmatazz, December 2016) Pyrior completes its own epic trilogy. Now the sound moves from space rock to posttrock, from heavy to psychedellic, from major to minor and
everything in between. Pyrior is just came home.
In their bandhistory Pyrior play with bands like Colour Haze, My sleeping Karma, YawningMan, The Atomic Bitchwax, RotoR or The Machine. Pyrior stands for characteristic Stonerrock, with propelling grooves and a good amount of tripping spacesound.

Portal - LP (2016)

Official Clip



Sheer power and heartspoken grooves builds up in front of you as Magnified Eye emerges on a journey into their ever expanding universe of progressive rock music. Live on stage Magnified Eye delivers shows of more than one hundred sweatdrenched, thunderous, mooddriven minutes pouring their liquified rock into the open souls of the audience. With energy fueled up-tempo rock songs and flowing mellow pieces, Magnified Eye takes you through the entire emotional spectre, firmly grounded in Frode Bjerkely and Torben Ravns tense and powerdrenched grooves with trudging baselines and swirling drumming. Magnus Esbesen spices everything up with his heavy bluesy harmonic, all bound together by the powerfull guitar play and the soulfull vocals of frontman Torben Egebjerg.

Together, Magnified Eye stands as one big moving organism of sound.

Official Clip



Krach "Dyskalkulepsie" Trash Frickel Rock from Berlin.

Official Clip


Lineup (3)

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