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Dez 4


Mit The Good, The Bad and The Zugly und Die A Legend in Cassiopeia

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Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013 um 20:00 Uhr


Revaler Straße 99, Berlin, 10245, Germany

Tel: +49-(0)30-47385949


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cassiopeia präsentiert...

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE ZUGLY (Punkrock, Hardcore / NOR)

Norwegian punkrock/hardcore established in 2011 in the tradition of Poison Idea, Black Flag and Discharge.
A fivepiece of Oslo immigrants from the dark woods of Hadeland, a small community of villages to the north of the norwegian capitol. The members all spending way too much of the previous two decades in Oslo's longest living rock club Last Train, surrounded by memorobilia and sweat from legendary shows with The Dictators, New Bomb Turks and local acts like Turbonegro and Anal Babes. With tracks from GG Allin, The Dwarves and Brainbombs flowing from the speakers of the tiny, black whole-in-the-wall club.
The lead singer, bassplayer and drummer have toured Europe several times with acts like Hellride, Mensen and Wonderfools. Mix that experience with the creativety and persistance of two guitarplayers from the younger generation Hadeland punkrockers and you get a lethal combo.
After releasing the debut 7" Sitter Fast i Hælvete to much local acclaim in the summer of 2011, the band signed with norwegian agency Amber Booking and was one of the first acts to be booked to one of norway's biggest festivals in 2012, the Øya Festival in Oslo.
In 2012 the band released three more 7", toured around Norway and signed a record deal with label Fysisk Format. Recording startet in august in the woods of Hadeland and the debut full-lenght album ANTI WORLD MUSIC was released worldwide on february 2nd 2013.

DIE A LEGEND (Hardcore / NOR)

DIE A LEGEND blasted onto the norwegian hardcore scene back in 2011 after releasing their self titled debut album before even anyone had heard of nor seen them live. Featuring members of several seminal northern Norwegian hardcore bands from the last decade, the band with its explosive live shows quickly became recognized as one the most prominent new hardcore acts in Norway, leading to appearances both at by:Larm (the norwegian equivalent of SXSW), Norway's premier music festival Øya and opening for Converge in Sweden.

DIE A LEGEND sounds strangely un-norwegian with its heavy influence of both 90s swedish hardcore (Breach, Raised Fist, early Refused) and more US east coast orientated riffs and attitude (think BANE, Have Heart and even Converge).

PROGRESSION THROUGH RETROSPECTION is out June 12th on BADLANDS Entertainment, with distribution in Scandinavia through DIGER and elsewhere digitally through any available digital platform.

cassiopeia Club
Revaler Straße / Simon-Dach-Straße
10245 Berlin
S + U-Bhf. Warschauer Straße

Einlass: 20 Uhr
Beginn: 21 Uhr


Lineup (2)

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