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Mai 12

FREDDY FROGS & ED COX first clowncore party like that in Poland

Mit Ed Cox und Freddy Frogs in unknown - yet!


Samstag, 12. Mai 2012 um 21:30 Uhr


unknown - yet!
wrocław, Poland

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FREDDY FROGS & ED COX first party like that in Poland


Has been rocking dance floors with his long going Frogs Records label. His techno driven sample madness leads you from breakbeat to techno to hip-hop. His sound is an explosion of circus gypsy clown beats.

LIFE4LAND’s co founder Ed Cox’s ‘CLOWNCORE’ has had international recognition due to his unique performances. Fusing traditional music with ska, jungle and breakcore, Ed Cox wraps the lot in his live performances whilst playing the accordion. After 11 years of producing tracks and building a solid reputation around Europe, Ed Cox remains driven to perform and is not one to shy away from any opportunities. He can often be found bringing his performances to the street, busking with accordion in hand over his backing tracks

More Info Soon


Wroclaw city/ Poland

Please share this info, invate Your friends as clown core party like that has never been in Poland before :)
ed cox
freddy frogs
clown koala
Ketchup & Mayonnaise
mashcore experimental breakbeat czechtek hardtek 23 rave techno tekno spiral tribe underground tekkno electronic clowncore breakcore hardcore mashup

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