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Mär 23

Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken (late show)

Mit Derek Webb und Sandra McCracken in Jammin' Java


Freitag, 23. März 2012 um 21:30 Uhr


Jammin' Java
227 Maple Ave E, Vienna, 22180, United States

Tel: (703) 255-1566


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Singer/songwriter Derek Webb continues to make iconoclastic, irresistible, radio-ready pop records about love and war and social justice. However, unlike most pop artists on the scene today, Webb’s engaged, committed fan-base is constantly expanding - in part because Derek Webb has a tendency to give his music away for free.

In 2006, Webb convinced his label, INO Records / Columbia Records, to give away over 80,000 free downloads of his critically acclaimed album, MOCKINGBIRD. This widely publicized promotion more than doubled Webb’s concert audiences and eventually paved the way for Webb to launch a revolutionary, new online music distribution system, NoiseTrade.

Over two years in the making, STOCKHOLM SYNDROME delivers everything listeners have come to expect from Derek Webb: indelible hooks, soaring choruses, and lyrics as politically incisive as they are emotionally revealing. Sonically, however, STOCKHOLM SYNDOME is a radical departure for Webb, who has left his acoustic, folk/rock roots behind for a sound he describes as “intentionally inorganic. STOCKHOLM SYNDROME is Derek Webb’s most soulful and subversive album yet - and the most dangerous and thrilling pop record of the year.

Sandra McCracken is an independent singer-songwriter whose smart, soulful blend of folk, pop, and gospel is as progressive as it is timeless. A founding contributor of the Indelible Grace projects, McCracken’s contemporary settings of classic hymns are sung in congregations across the country. Drawing inspiration from Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, and U2, McCracken crafts songs wedding razor-sharp hooks to incisive, confessional lyrics to create a transcendent portrait of the human spirit. McCracken currently lives, writes, and records at her home in East Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Derek Webb, and their two children.

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