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Jan 21

Zaar Support

Mit Skipdown und Zaar in Chesters Music Inn


Samstag, 21. Januar 2012 um 21:00 Uhr


Chesters Music Inn
Glogauer Str. 2, Berlin, 10999, Germany

Tel: +49 30 857 132 55


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Zaar concert and we are support

About Zaar

The interest for all kinds of music, art in general and passions has led us to a project that is full of eagerness to experiment as well as pure power.

We stand for an ideology to express a thought to move totally free in genres and sounds as well as in creating song structures. The daily dealing with all kinds of systems has brought us to the point to turn our backs on them and to try out different ways of arranging songs and structures in music.

Our upcoming vinyl release, called “Abkehr” which means “renunciation” or “turning away”, is pretty much a record of our actual show. The album as well as the show are about 30min long and played in one piece.
The voice on the record is Alex v. Bolzn. At live shows Zaar consists of three people. We’re always looking for people who share the same idea though and are open‐minded for new experiences. Due to the idea of combining all kinds of genres in our music as well as in the lineup of shows, our intention is to play with all kinds of artists. We’d love to create shows more like a tramp through a musical landscape than the conventional bearing of the same over and over again.

We play for food, a place to crash and if possible for a little support in the gas tank. So feel free to contact us. ...or better... Do not feel free. Contact us right now and let us play.

Lineup (2)

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