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Mai 28

Joie De Vivre Last Show Ever

Mit Joie De Vivre, Annabel und 13 weitere Künstler in The Hipster House


Samstag, 28. Mai 2011 um 14:00 Uhr


The Hipster House
Rockford, IL, United States

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Rawkspace 400 E state St – 3rd Floor Rockford, IL


Joie De Vivre 9:30-?
The Please and Thank Yous 9-9:20
Sleep Bellum Sonno (NY) 8:30-8:50
Empire! Empire! (MI) 8-8:20
Annabel (OH) 7:30-750
Warren Franklin 7-7:20
Mountains for Clouds (MI) 6:30-6:50
Emo Side Project (KS) 6-6:20
William Bonney (IN) 5:30-5:50
Texas Instruments (KS) 5-5:20
The Island of Misfit Toys 4:30-4:50
Bloom 4-4:20
The Ground is Lava (OH) 3:30-3:50
Dowsing 3-3:20
Living and Wrestling (WI) 2:30-2:50
Swear Words 2-2:20

Here is the updated lineup and set times. Each band will get about 20 minutes so please come as early as possible so you don't miss anybody. There's probably a 100% chance that this will not run on time so we allowed for extra time but we are going to try to stick to this schedule as much as possible.

$5 cover
-No assholes, douchebags or circle jerks, seriously.
-Enter through the alley off of first street.
-Please buy merch from the touring bands
-Screen printed posters will be available
-Free food and drinks for all the bands
-There are a lot of things to do downtown so come early and hang out with us and enjoy the day

Lineup (15)

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