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Mär 4

Fairy Boy, Mallory, Squinch Owl, Mogli at the Islington House

Mit fairy boy, Mallory und 2 weitere Künstler in Islington House Show Space


Donnerstag, 4. März 2010 um 19:00 Uhr


Islington House Show Space
3 Islington Terrace, Allston, MA, 02134, United States


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MALLORY (A riotous cacophony of voices, yelling, feet, accordion,
banjo, guitar and electric bass. Quite possibly the best band.)
FAIRY BOY & THE OFFICIAL SUCKERS (Awesome acoustic punk from Canada! FFO Max Levine Ensemble?)
SQUINCH OWL (Melt you into the floor-good folk sang outrageously well
over a banjo and accordion. She used to call herself Sofia Albam.)
MOGLI (Great accordionist/songwriter also from Canada!)

Bring donations for the touring bands!

DON'T bring alcohol or drugs!

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