9 - Does It Offend You, Yeah? – You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into

Britain's Does it Offend You, Yeah? have managed to escape being written off as another new-rave overnight sensation, and their debut album stayed on your playlists throughout the summer. A sold-out US tour and a support slot for Nine Inch Nails probably helped, exposing North America to the harsh electro that has been making English kids dance and sweat for the last two years. Their remixes got some attention too, and they chopped with Bloc Party's “The Prayer” and Muse's “Map of The Problematique” before releasing their debut, adding “Crank It Up” by Hadouken! in June.

You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into got a mixed critical reception when it was released back in March, but stand out tracks like “Epic Last Song” and “Battle Royale” still managed to leap out at reviewers. The singles were a genuinely eclectic bunch too, with the hungover-regret of “Dawn of the Dead” about as far away as possible from the thrashy squeals of “We are Rockstars”. It was a more varied album than most British bands of the last five years have released.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? will be spending the winter writing new material, ready to record in 2009.

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