3 - Sara Bareilles – Little Voice

With a fun line in twee pop videos and some charming love songs to accompany them, Sara Bareilles frequently bothered the Last.fm charts over the summer. The European release of Little Voice came almost a year after North America had warmed to the Californian singer, but her sultry vocals and lilting piano captured their hearts with just the same speed.

Last.fm listeners particularly took to “Love Song”, Bareilles break-out single. The tune slams the demanding partners and record labels who take her songwriting talent for granted, as Sara replies that there be a reason for her to pour her heart onto the page. “Love Song” mines both the idiosyncratic lyricism of Ben Folds and the snappy power of Fiona Apple, both heroes of Bareilles, with a welcome gloss added by producer Eric Rosse. Rosse has become known for his work with female solo artists, and has done desk duty for Tori Amos and Anna Nalick among others.

Bareilles released concert DVD Between The Lines: Live at the Fillimore in October, and plans to work on new material in 2009.

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