9 - Jack Johnson – Sleep Through The Static

Jack Johnson's success continued into 2008 with the release of Sleep Through The Static, the Hawaiian singer-songwriter's fourth studio album. Within days of release the album managed to top worldwide charts, and became one of the fastest selling download albums of all time. Sleep Through The Static was touted as a more political album than previous efforts, but listeners seemed to respond more to the dub-influenced guitar lines that brought an easy rolling sound to the record, complimenting Johnson's trademark soft rock.

“If I Had Eyes” was Sleep Through The Static's most popular song. Trading on the song's fuller band sound and a bluesy piano, the single was a catchy introduction to Johnson's new effort, and he continued to incorporate the electric guitarwork he brought to On and On. Despite that the album also contains more straight voice and acoustic guitar numbers than previous releases: “Same Girl” and “Angel” were, for many, standout tracks. It makes the album a more dynamic offering, in line with the former film student's “cinematic” vision of how he wanted the record to sound.

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