8 - Hot Chip – Made In The Dark

The excellent “Over and Over” dominated 2006, and event today remains a Last.fm listener favorite, so expectations were high for Hot Chip's third album. Fans were prepared for a slump, but instead they got “Ready For The Floor”. Instantly well received, the single retained the band's dance-floor status with a sharp and jittery tune, accompanied by a video that continued Hot Chip's mad scientist personae.

Third single “One Pure Thought” took Hot Chip in a different direction. With a far grittier guitar sound and a slower vocal delivery, the track seemed to build into a danceable psych-rock anthem, and the sketchy promo was perfect for YouTube. The playful videos matched the album's mood, which seemed like a lighter hearted record than The Warning.

Al Doyle of Hot Chip has recently been playing with James Murphy's LCD Soundsystem, while Alexis Taylor has been preparing to release his solo album. Remixes are likely to follow in 2009, with new material already in the pipeline, and the band have covered Joy Division's Transmission for War Child's forthcoming compilation Heroes.

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