• While my guitar loudly sweeps.

    2006年 5月 21日, 11:41 作者:lisardggY

    One of my favorite guitar-related lines is in Hebrew, the name of an album by ברי סחרוף (Berry Saharof) and רמי פורטיס (Rami Fortis) called כשהגיטרה מנסרת את הלילה - "When the Guitar saws the night". The expression works much better in Hebrew, of course, and it really gives off the feeling of a loud, wailing guitar screeching and shouting and carrying you off.

    So in this spirit, I now present to you a totally subjective, totally unstructured survey of my favorite guitar pieces:

    Favorite guitar solo
    Lou Reed - White Light / White Heat.
    (Specifically the version in Rock 'n' Roll Animal)

    Most underappreciated guitar solo
    The Knack - My Sharona. It's a lovely bit of work, that one.

    Favorite cool thing about playing the guitar I learned recently
    If you gently touch the string on the 12th fret and play, you get only the overtone of that note without the actual note. You can do it on the 5th or 7th fret, and (symmetrically) on the 19th and 21st if you have them. …