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  • quintrell64

    Could someone please change the title of Garnet Mimms album. It should be the Best of Garnet Mimms: Cry Baby not Barnet Mimms!!!

    2013年 4月
  • faithlessss

    Marcy Playground

    2011年 5月
  • odopa

    putes discogràfiques que dicten les portades dels discos a, i les posen malament, sou imbècils

    2010年 3月
  • ChaosLogic

    i will repeat my quist ..... plz remove your albums from The Hourglass page ... its easier to do that than flagging it with a flag ....cuz THE HOURGLASS is a name of another band. thanx

    2010年 2月
  • ChaosLogic

    three albums of the band The Hour Glass are wrongly added in the page of the Band The Hourglass ...i hope the label would remove them cuz they're not the same band.

    2009年 10月
  • Snoflak3

    The Juliana Theory (:

    2009年 8月
  • hammerstrikebg

    Nice label

    2009年 7月
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