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  • PoisonOath

    Definitely one of my fav record labels atm, they seem to have some serious taste in quality music and the bands that they sign and expose! My band From Existence is working on our debut EP that will be released soon, early 2014, would fit beautifully in your roster.. if ya know what I mean XD

    2013年 12月
  • Mumiyy

    <3 çok ıyısınız amk

    2013年 7月
  • salofuckingkin

    Please join in the Evita group. <3

    2011年 9月
  • AryaBara


    2011年 3月
  • angussporran

    ordered your hoodie!

    2010年 12月
  • BrandonHeat

    keep this shit pumpin. much love

    2010年 10月
  • EliteDivine

    <3 From the Djentlemens Club

    2010年 10月
  • Industrialboll

    Hi guys. Much love. Dom from

    2010年 10月
  • jorgerock21

    pure progressive math and technical metal bands great label

    2009年 8月
  • viocom_metal

    Some top bands on this label! Please check out some fine UK industrial metal at: - Thanks :o)

    2009年 7月
  • Buckalori

    Right guys, we have decided to give our EP away for free, simply clicking either of the links below. All we can ask from you is to send it on to anybody that you think will enjoy it, even to those who you think wouldn't like it!!! If you want to check us out go to Please help spread the word!! If you feel so kind grab some of our merch as well Click link for free EP

    2009年 3月
  • Leo-NMS


    2009年 3月
  • JayStedders

    What about Gehenna VII VII VII, they are fucking A!

    2008年 10月
  • j-pk

    some great bands in the making here!

    2007年 12月
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