favourite Ono song?

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    • 2008年 8月 23日, 5:34
    My top five:

    1. AOS
    2. Midsummer New York
    3. Why Not
    4. Don't Worry Kyoko...
    5. Mind Train

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    • 2008年 10月 17日, 10:52
    Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Mind Train....

  • Now i look like i'm just following suit,
    but the way 'mindtrain' assuages one's ears is amazing... I'll never forget the first time i heard it...
    I also really admire 'She gets down on her knees' and 'Kite song' but mostly 'O'oh' and 'Midsummer New York' are just so visual and transporting it almost hurts.

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    • 2009年 2月 23日, 1:56
    "What a Bastard the World Is"
    "Walking on Thin Ice"
    "Growing Pain"

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    • 2009年 7月 13日, 21:03
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    • 2010年 5月 13日, 18:54
    "I Felt Like Smashing My Face in a Clear Glass Window" - so catchy, stuck in my mind all the time.
    "Waiting For the Sunrise" - I love it, simply.
    And also "Listen, the Snow Is Falling" with John - it's one of the most beautiful songs ever.

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    • 2010年 6月 1日, 10:21
    the sun is down
    greenfield morning i pushed an empty baby carriage all over the city

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    • 2010年 6月 1日, 10:24
    oh and midsummer new york

  • wow too many unique tunes!

    At the mo these are doing it for me:

    Yes, I'm a Witch (Feat The Brother Brothers)
    Nobody Sees Me Like You Do (Feat. Apples In Stero)
    Everyman...Everywoman (Feat. Blow Up)
    I Want You To Remember Me ''A''
    It's Time For Action!
    I'm Not Getting Enough
    Mulberry (One of the scariest songs I've ever heard!!)

  • Let Me Count The Ways

    Beautiful in its simplicity and honesty

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    • 2010年 12月 30日, 2:29
    oh sooo many. But probably You. Not the one on top of my most played but still the one I remember for the better reasons ^^

  • Why
    Open Your Box
    Midsummer New York
    Mind Train
    Don't Worry, Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking For Her Hand In The Snow)
    Mrs. Lennon
    Sisters O' Sisters
    Death of Samantha
    Have You Seen a Horizon Lately
    I Felt Like Smashing My Face In A Clear Glass Window**
    I Have A Woman Inside My Soul **
    Woman of Salem
    Kiss Kiss Kiss
    Everyman Has A Woman Who Loves Him
    Even When You're Far Away **
    Nobody Sees Me Like You Do **
    Silver Horse **
    Toyboat **
    Walking On Thin Ice **
    My Man **
    Never Can Say Goodbye **
    Sleepless Night
    I Love All Of Me
    Loneliness **
    Memory of Footsteps **
    I'm Going Away Smiling **
    The Sun Is Down

    ** favorite favorites

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    • 2012年 12月 19日, 1:35
    Nobody see me like you do
    My man
    Beautiful boy

  • TOP 5

    Death of Samantha
    Mind Train
    Touch Me
    Move on Fast

  • Genius!

    Impossible, her music is genius!!!!

    Mindtrain, Airmale, Hirake, I'm Dying, Rising II, Mulberry.....

    There is seriously not 1 song I don't like from her actually, just wow!!

  • Top

    1. Death of Samantha
    2. Beautiful Boys
    3. Don't Worry Kyoko
    4. Kurushi (one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard)
    5. Mrs. Lennon
    6. Rising II
    7. AOS

    And everything in "Rising" and "Blueprint for a Sunrise" =D

  • I love all of her songs but I tend to lean more towards her more avant-garde works, where Yoko excels in my opinion.

    I adore Rising II, I'm Dying, Mulberry, Mindtrain....(endless) she's a fucking genius, her music is mind-blowing.

  • Oh and both "I Want You to Remember Me"'s are impeccable, well the whole album is actually same for Fly.