Eye-opening interview with a former Visual kei record executive.

    • NukeMTV 说...
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    • 2010年 3月 3日, 16:06

    Eye-opening interview with a former Visual kei record executive.

    Tokyo Damage Report link.

    Read, learn, discuss.

  • Wow. I skimmed some parts (at work, and it's long) but I get loads of it. Of course they'd want to ditch the outfits. I call it "graduating" -- the few bands I know that have undergone that stage. Some of it is O.o but wow.

    And I hate groupies too. They're dumb and they elbow you when they're in front/behind you in line and they're yapping and sqealing about how they want to marry a band member they know nothing about.

    • Ma_a_ya 说...
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    • 2010年 6月 20日, 23:18
    I'm also like...wow! it's really deep, more than I expected!
    all about money, huh? in part I agree with that, but I didn't thought that the complete thing is about that
    the interview gives a really bad image of the industry, but well...it's the truth

    I always wondered why the vk bands had a ridiculos ammount of singles...now I know! xD

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    • 2010年 6月 21日, 20:03
    I just sat and read through that and I'm pretty glad I did. I never would have guessed it was all so inter-connected and so focused on just making money; it certainly explains why there are so many guys moving from band to band and why there are quite a few that are very similar in sound and style if it's usually the producer writing for lots of bands.

    I well and truly got sucked into the whole image which I suppose was their aim but this has been quite an eye-opener! lol

    Thanks for posting this NukeMTV (and that chart at the end of the article was interesting to see as well) :D