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    Any videos of artists you think are underrated that you think more people should see? Post them here :)

    Here's one of my faves, it really shows of her voice (as do a lot on youtube). I love the end when the guy yells out and she starts laughing but then goes straight back and hits those high notes.

    Also - feel free to post your own topics on any artists or whatever.

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    • 2006年 10月 26日, 12:04
    Here's a couple of videos of the hugely underrated Frank Black. Most people will recognise him from The Pixies but he has released a ton of great solo material as well (12 albums in fact!).

    And here's a video for 'Overkill' by Men At Work, another really overlooked band. Everyone knows 'Down Under' but they have written a whole lot of great music which is not so well known. One of the best bands of the 80's :)

  • I really, really love this group.

    The Chameleons - Up the Down Escalator

  • How about Amplifier? I'm in love with them right now and they're almost completely unheard of in the US.