The Antichristian Phenomenon

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创建日期: 2005年 1月 5日
"Behold, Bastard son! We are the evil ones."

Though our origins come from the band Behemoth, you need not be a metal fan to join.

This group is for people who are strongly opposed to the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), and their long legacy of pointless war, atrocity, stupidity, bigotry, political and social manipulation, philosophical domination, etc. etc.

Apart from this, the group espouses no one political or spiritual position. Those opposed to Christianity run the range from fascists to communists, from objectivists to thelemists, from atheists to asatruar. All are welcome here! Discussion of politics and philosophy are allowed inside as long as things are kept (relatively) civil. All musical tastes are also accommodated. After all, Anti-Christian lyrics have been penned by everyone from John Lennon to Judas Iscariot.

This is not a trolling group, though attempts to troll will be met with retaliation in like ("Do as you would be done by", children of Christ!) and no action will be taken against group members who take it upon themselves to go a-trolling, unless that action threatens the existence of this group through action from's admins.

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Have fun.


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