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This group is for Iron Maiden fans, and fans of its leader -
the best bass player all over the World - Mr....


Stephen Percy Harris (born March 12, 1956 in Leytonstone, London, UK) is the bass player and primary songwriter of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. He founded the band as a teen in 1975. He and Dave Murray are the only original members of the band that still remain, thirty years on.

A self-taught bass player, Harris' first bass was a copy of a Fender Precision Bass that cost him about £40 when he was 17 years old. He went on to use a signature Lado "Unicorn" model and a late 1950s Fender Precision with RotoSound strings. He now uses his own signature RotoSound flatwound bass strings. That is surprising because flatwound strings do not sound clanky and bright. In fact, Steve's signature clanky bass tone comes from the metalic noise of the strings hitting the frets.

Harris' first band was named "Influence", later renamed to Gypsy's Kiss. He later joined Smiler, of which all the band members were several years older than he was. He ended up leaving, as the members of the band made it clear that they did not care for a bassist who leapt around the stage and wrote songs, and he went on to create Iron Maiden. Steve Harris got the name from seeing an iron maiden (the torture instrument) in the movie The Man in the Iron Mask.

Steve Harris is often considered among the best heavy metal bassists. He is renowned for his trademark "gallop", a pattern consisting of three rapid notes - one eighth and two sixteenths - which he plays with only two fingers (index and middle) (Check out for an interview with Harris about his two finger gallop). More important, Steve Harris is Maiden's principal composer and lyricist.







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