Powerviolence/Grindcore from 2011.

  • Powerviolence/Grindcore from 2011.

    Anyone know any good powerviolence/grindcore that's come out this year? The new needful things, Weekend nachos and looking for an answer are the only 3 quality albums I could find from either of the genre.

  • Well I really liked the new Wormrot album, Dirge, despite being a similar continuation of the previous one.

    There's a powerviolence band called Mountain Man that released a debut album this year called Grief which is pretty great. Probably my favorite of this year.

    Gridlink put out another 11 minute album which is great, but still too short.

    That's all I can think of at the moment.

  • ACxDC released an EP that I actually prefer over their other stuff, it's fucken mean


    • SxHxCx 说...
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    • 2011年 10月 26日, 19:36
    New italian pv band http://vandamme.bandcamp.com/

    • slothedge 说...
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    • 2011年 11月 7日, 1:19
    the new lycanthrophy full length is awesome

  • Harsh Realities the LP debut of Death Toll 80k http://www.loadown.org/2011/07/death-toll-80k-harsh-realities-2011.html

    my favourite 2011 album

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    • 2011年 12月 4日, 6:33
    any releases that have slipped under the radar/lesser known from 2011?