Anti-MTV songs

  • The Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star

    It basically celebrates the radio days, when music was pure, and blames videos for ruining music, in a sense, and careers of real musicians. Interestingly it was the first video to be played on Mtv...ironic isn't it.

    The drums will shake the castle wall, The ring wraiths ride in black, ride on.
  • The Jesus and Mary Chain – I Hate Rock N Roll

    • norathbg 说...
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    • 2009年 6月 21日, 18:29
    Steel Panther - Death to all but Metal (just look the lyrics to the song xD)

    • dope-man 说...
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    • 2009年 7月 3日, 7:45
    I agree with norathbg . Steel Panther's Death to all but Metal is the most in-your-face, anti-MTV song xD

  • Steel Panther - Dead to all but Metal

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    • 2009年 8月 18日, 13:42
    Dire Straits - Money For Nothing

    Whoever posted that, it was written about Motley Crue actually ha

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    • 2009年 8月 31日, 9:46

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  • "Radio Freq" by Dead Prez

    Great message about mainstream "music".

  • Blood for Blood - white trash anthem

    • Vithon 说...
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    • 2009年 12月 1日, 22:49
    Mostly just anti-mainstream but:

    Pissing in the Mainstream ~ Dying Fetus

  • Oi! Scouts - MTV
    Anti-Nowhere League - Can't Stand Rock n' Roll
    Antidote - Fuck The Media

  • The Bouncing Souls- All of This and Nothing
    The picture on the CD had the logo of this group on it. Maniacal Laughter

  • Don‘t Listen to the Radio - The Vines

    You Can Not Buy Happiness but You Can Listen It

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    • 2010年 2月 19日, 1:54
    not mtv but fun none the less:D
    x-ray spex im a poseur

    • stolica5 说...
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    • 2010年 3月 15日, 5:51
    nofx-please play this song on the radio...sarcastic song about mtv and other asshole televisions and radio stations...

  • Agressiva88 - Uderz w MTV
    Polish RAC band :)

  • Manowar - Blow your speakers

    The lyrics are not only aimed at MTV but at radio stations and the Music Industry..saying the music on these days are shite. This was made in 1986...they must be so pissed today because it got 10000 times worse haha.

    Manowar usually is known for making songs with Norse mythological lyrics however they like to bash the music industry and people who falsely represent good music.

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    • 2010年 5月 13日, 23:18
    Propagandhi- Back To The Motor League

    Not directly but you can tell MTV was in mind during the writing of the lyrics.

    • maplejet 说...
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    • 2010年 5月 18日, 21:04
    Wasn't there some song by Dead Kennedys about anti MTV?

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    • 2010年 6月 10日, 16:28



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    • gothic45 说...
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    • 2010年 7月 2日, 9:16
    Damn, I wanted to put the Popsong but I found out that you put it first. :P

    • yavin03 说...
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    • 2010年 10月 10日, 11:59
    Two song from SOAD:
    1) "Chop Suey" from "12th Annual Kroq Almost Acoustic" not "Toxicity"
    2) Not against MTV per se, but media and so on - "Violent Pornography"

  • Kill a celebrity - Ramallah

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    • 2012年 3月 14日, 21:45
    Goldfinger - Spokesman

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    • 2012年 12月 2日, 4:21
    Downfall - Blank Generation