Las.FM is not available in your region

  • Las.FM is not available in your region


    I am getting the above error messsage when I want to play a music on my xbox with the client.
    However, when I login with the same account from my computer, I can make custom playlists and also can play all the radios.

    Do you guys havew any idea why cannot I play the radio stations on my xbox??
    My account is regged with a US location.

    • moss022 说...
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    • 2010年 8月 19日, 18:46
    probably because you spelt LAST.FM wrong


    • myaxman 说...
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    • 2010年 8月 21日, 14:27

    same issue (Xbox live account with the US)

    Xbox slim won't play but PC does

  • Hi,

    I have the elite, not the new slim one.

    • xMP44x 说...
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    • 2010年 8月 23日, 14:42
    I am not entirely sure why this is happening to you, but I believe Microsoft restricted Last.FM on the Xbox 360 to a few countries worldwide. However, Last.FM itself is available worldwide through your PC. Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 does not have access to Last.FM as Microsoft likely have restricted it only to some companies. While it does seem illogical, chances are that there is a reasoning for this. As you'd expect it is available in the countries which make up a majority of Microsoft's Xbox 360 sales, such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America. As I do not know what country you reside in I cannot really explain this in a more comprehensive or detailed manner. Note that this is just an idea I had as well, and it may not actually be the problem.

  • I am based in Hungary, but I am using a US newyork regioned account, as there is no XBOX Live available in hungary yet. I am not sure whether Microsoft checks for my IP address, but other than this, there should not be any problem, as my lastfm account and the xbox account is regged as US region.

    • amaann 说...
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    • 2010年 8月 30日, 23:50
    they probably do check the ip.
    my xbox and my live account is both US based but i cannot still use
    if anyone finds a way please let me know.

    • Svenslav 说...
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    • 2010年 9月 3日, 16:21
    hi, everybody
    really not having the on the console with Gold status due to the region is very strange and disappointing...there has to be the way out!may be the moderators know more...

    • m1le5 说...
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    • 2010年 9月 4日, 15:19

    pay for gold, pay for, and nothing...

    You would think that those of us that are paying for both xbox live gold and (I have a monthly subscription) that we would be allowed to use the service anywhere. I am also posted overseas, and this makes no sense to me. works on my iphone! Why no xbox support? Really disappointing.

    • xoye21 说...
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    • 2010年 9月 11日, 13:46

    Really upset and dissapointed!!

    I'm having the same issue and as a non Us, non Uk subscriber, I think that the money I paid for a gold subscription to XBOX Live is just as good as anyone else's!. Microsoft should offer the same services to all of us who purchased the xbox console, no matter where you live or connect to the internet!

    • patodel82 说...
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    • 2010年 9月 12日, 20:35


    Really a great feature for Xbox. Really disappointing its not working...i still dont know why im surprised if we are talking of Microsoft...maybe will have to wait for next service pack...

    • [已删除用户] 说...
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    • 2011年 7月 27日, 3:33

    É triste...

    Como se resolvi isso?
    Estou no Brasil, mas minha conta é americana.

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    foreverautumn 在 2011年 7月 28日, 11:54 编辑
  • Same issue, I am in Florida and my Xbox Last FM stopped working

    And says it is not available in my region. Is there a help email or help desk that can be called to verify I currently reside in the US and have the past 39 years?

    • vanSijll 说...
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    • 2012年 5月 1日, 22:25

    Okay, I get it: Last-FM Account, connected to Windows Live-Account, Last-FM is restricted to UK/US!

    Okay, I get it:
    The Last-FM Account, connected to Windows Live-Account,
    Last-FM is restricted to UK/US! Some strange agreement with Microsoft.

    But what about other devices then,
    where I don''t use the freaking Windows-Live Account, like:
    Onkyo TX-NR609,
    Sonos Player120, ...

    G®€3t!ñZ from London - with Love.
    • rlaroquem 说...
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    • 2012年 6月 19日, 22:02

    LASTFM Outside US

    You all can use VPN,in that way you use an US IP and voila!

  • regional restrictions on xbox live

    im pretty dissapointed. it does not work on xbox or windows phone or any other device than pc. i live in slovakia(uk xbox live gold account, xbox live not available yet in my region).
    As a subscriber i would like to have access from all my devices. I love the service, its just frustrating to not have access to it even if i should. im not sure if the issue is on the microsoft side, or side.
    Is this going to be addressed in the future?

    the king of the swimming pool
  • Same issue here, I live in Florida and my Xbox Live Last FM isn't working!

    It says "Last.FM is not available in your region" on Xbox Live even though it is supposed to be available in the U.S. It works fine on the PC though, what gives? If we can't fix this I'm going to Pandora. (I was getting ready to subscribe to Last.FM until this issue came up a few days ago) :-(

  • We're still looking into this issue. It maybe that your ISP has assigned you an IP from a block which is/was outside of the US/UK. If this is the case you won't be able to stream via the website. Can you all let us know if this is the case?

  • In my case it don't work on either of my Xbox my android or table and very tired of the "IS NOT AVAILABLE ON YOUR REGION" when I live in the US so I just going to cancel my subscription.

    • dukepayen 说...
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    • 2012年 10月 13日, 20:45



    Ziomek2000 在 2012年 10月 23日, 12:41 编辑
    • dave60626 说...
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    • 2012年 10月 18日, 11:31

    Last Fm used to work fine

    AT&T switched my sevice from copper to fiber optic today, and suddenly I get a message that Last FM is not available in my region. Why? I live in the US and have not moved. I did not even change ISPs. ATT simply upgraded my connection. What's up?

  • It's possible that your new IP address is in a range purchased by AT&T from a region outside of the US. If this is the case we can't do very much. You will need to wait for whois to update with the new geographical information on that IP.

    You can check your location using the following website:

  • Maddieman 在 2012年 10月 23日, 12:06 编辑
  • We're hoping this should be fixed now. Please let us know if you are still having problems connecting.