iPhone won't scrobble podcasts

  • iPhone won't scrobble podcasts

    Hi, I recently got an iPhone 4s and I love that it scrobbles most of my activity. However, I can't scrobble any podcasts I listen to on it. They just don't show up. If I listen to a podcast through iTunes it scribbles no problem. How do I fix this?

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    • 2012年 11月 10日, 3:43

    Same issue

    I'm experiencing the same issue since the release of iOS 6, which breaks podcasts off into their own app. When I sync to iTunes 10 the only scrobbles that display in the dialog box are from the music app. The odd thing is the total count will include podcasts that were played, but not list them. So it will say "10 plays" but if it was 7 songs and 3 podcasts I'll only see the songs listed. Any help here? I do listen to a lot of podcasts.

  • Ya, I can't find a fix for this either.