Problems with offline scrobbling on HTC Wildfire

  • Problems with offline scrobbling on HTC Wildfire

    Since Aug 25 I've been scrobbling songs offline on my HTC wildfire. Previously, everything was working well - when I connected my phone to the net, all songs immediately appeared on my profile. But yesterday I connected to the Internet in order to add all offline-scrobbled tracks to my profile. Sadly, only new songs has been added - those, which I listened to online. I really don't wanna lose 1-2k scrobbled tracks. Please, help me. Is it possible to add them to my library? ( was working on my phone for all the time I was offline and it seemed to be ok).

    • Ayannax3 说...
    • 用户
    • 2012年 9月 20日, 17:37
    well, i'm having the same problem. it seems i cannot scrobble even the online listened songs since yesterday, altough everything seems fine with my android scrobbler.

    • Quaay 说...
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    • 2012年 11月 26日, 11:42
    Have the same problem as OP