Method For Play Music From Playlist

  • Method For Play Music From Playlist

    I was listening to on my Android device using the official client. I stopped the playback on my phone, sat down at my computer, and started playing some station in the browser player. The watch the bourne legacy online music started playing through my computer's speakers just fine, but it surprisingly also started playback on my phone (though it was playing a different station). That's right, clicking the "Play" button on my desktop computer compelled my phone to start streaming music. Then, my phone and computer ended up interfering with each other, starting and stopping each others' playback.

    In the last few days a problem has gotten severely worse with my Android app. I'm using it at work over wi-fi, so it should play ~2 hours without anyone doing anything. But none watch the dark knight rises online (really, not even 'my library' or 'rock'-tag) of the stations work for longer than 4-5 tracks at most. Then, they'll throw a 'insufficient content' and a 'playback failed' warning.