• leenx 说...
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    • 2006年 6月 19日, 10:51


    • [已删除用户] 说...
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    • 2006年 6月 19日, 18:14
    That's indeed a cool site.

    Anybody else got the special edition of "The Great Escape", with a DVD and a 14th song "But Beautiful". My CD is also signed by Ilse :)

    • Crow74 说...
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    • 2007年 1月 14日, 1:12
    Yep, I got it! :-)

    Unfortunately the 14th song ain't very good. Ilse is not the main artist on that track, so I don't really understand why it's on her album anyway.

    The added DVD is nice but a bit short. I liked the DVD that came with the special edition of her previous album much more.

    But then again, The Great Escape is by far the best album Ilse has ever recorded, so I won't complain! :-)