Which is the best hansi performance?

    • KingOne 说...
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    • 2007年 8月 31日, 13:23

    Which is the best hansi performance?

    To me, his best performance is on Imaginations from the other side. Especially on Bright Eyes...!

    • Furlo 说...
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    • 2007年 8月 31日, 14:03
    I agree, his performance on Imaginations is very inspired. The screams on the title track are legendary...his voice on A Past In Future Secret is something of incredible, every time I'm listening this I image Hansi under an old oak in a dark forest singing this song spreading courage to the wanderer...uuuhh beautyful *___*

    (ahah sto ascoltando i Savatage e mia nonna mi fa "cossea sta musica da gat??" tradotto cos'è sta musica da gatti ahahah XD)

    • KingOne 说...
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    • 2007年 8月 31日, 14:37
    I agree *_*

    (lol xD)

  • From the imaginations dvd i would say : Punishment divine and Mirror Mirror.
    No other vocalist on this planet can beat that!

    To be able to be strong and free
    See how night turns into day
    I am here and my life is only mine
    And the sky that I thought that existed
    I shall find it there somewhere
  • I think Mirror Mirror ... it's just great... :)

  • hmm... studio performance.. either Blood Tears or All The Kings Horses...
    Live: Lord Of The Rings @ W:O:A 2007 and ATTWS @ the BG:O:A 2003....
    he was simply amazing at Wacken, the NB festival and in Krefeld :D

  • Hm...i think his best Performance in Studio was Demons and Wizards - Fiddler on the Green , all the Kings Horses , dream a little dream of me and mr.Sandman =)
    Live it was in krefeld bards song without a compromise.

    PS: Hey Arwen - so schnell sieht man sich wieda =P (Christoph aus SchülervZ so btw =P)

    In a World of compromise...some don't.
  • I think on early works

  • I would now have to add "Sacred", which is simply divine!
    (@Christoph: Die Welt ist ein Dorf ;) )

    • Frodli 说...
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    • 2010年 3月 29日, 13:09
    I think the best Hansi's performance is "Punishment Divine". My favourite song ever.

    • [已删除用户] 说...
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    • 2010年 4月 5日, 2:54
    I'd say Imaginations and ANATO best showcase his work. Imaginations shows how aggressive his voice can be, while ANATO showcases his ability to sing cleanly, melodically, and how wide his range really is.

  • Too many epic choices to pick just one.

  • I think his best studio perfomance was "Blood Tears"

  • Very difficult to answer, when i am drunk and listen to him, sometimes i really want to die, not a human voice, his voice is the voice of life and heaven, I can't choose one of his performance, but his magic voice on a past and future secret, all the king's horses, seize the day(Demons & wizards) Imaginations from the other side... makes me mad