• My first Truck

    2009年 8月 12日, 16:27 作者:ma0sm

    Sat 25 Jul – Truck Festival


    It was the twelfth annual Truck Festival with more people and less trucks than ever but as there were so many great new bands, let's not waste time on precursor.

    As we headed victoriously from the campsite, passing the twee party sound of six day riot, we settled for our Truck festival cherry pop in the form of the replacement for the now defunct Colours, Tubelord. The sound in The Barn was reassuringly loud and clear, unlike the overwhelming stench of shit which reminded you what this venue was used for during the other 363 days of the year. Harmonies clashed against pockets of noise in songs so packed with songs bursting with ideas, though perhaps it was too early in the day to appreciate the storming of the crowd by their pig mask wearing front man or perhaps it just wasn't necessary.

    Next up were Dear Reader, bringing the pace down to Radio 2 friendly levels more fitting with the time of day. …
  • Truck Twelve 25-26/7/09

    2009年 7月 30日, 1:24 作者:steve_FR

    TRUCK 12: LET IT IN!
    After glastonbury being mildly disappointing i wasn't about to hype Truck Festival. TUrned out to be truely amazing: Small enough to seem very personal, sunny enough to give me a healthy glow, smelling of cows enough to be authentic and cheap enough to leave me with change.
    It's meant to be about finding your new favourite band, but a stupid amount of my favourites favourites were already playing. Seeing as i loved pretty much every band i saw this post will be very boring and mostly for my benefit.


    filling colour's (rip) giant shoes, tubelord didnt disappoint. Their hideously fun and upbeat set the tone for the whole weekend and although they only played 6 songs the atmosphere was lightning and the crowd all seemed to dig it. THe lighting for tubelord was really well done and gave the show another element along side Dave's "pig mask and jump around in the crowd" thing, (the mask didnt appear to be washed when i wore it in nottingham. …