Duncker Club

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Berlin, Germany

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The Dunker Club is a scene club, it’s a place where people who know what they want go to. In order to get in there you have to ring at the door, there’s no queuing at all.

The architecture of the building looks very old and impressive, around 200 people (and less ;-) fit into that club. Behind the building there’s a small place for sitting down and chilling out or chatting with people it also belongs to the club and there’s also a small bar outside.

The music during the weekend varies between alternative - metal. (Tool, Chevelle, A perfect Circle, Slipknot, Rise Against, Muse, Foo Fighters) at the beginning it seems like it’s more easy going and it gets into all that stuff at around 2-3am - 6am. The DJs are open for recommendations (although don’t expect them to have everything there ;-)

The entrance fee is 4 eur after midnight, before it’s free. Occasionally there are also small concerts in there (also sometimes for free).

Monday is dark night, so a cloudy cool and dark atmosphere has to be expected. The Club seems to fill up between 1-2am, and is open till 6am (maybe longer depending on the people).

People who attend that club, especially those who’re on the dancefloor, are energetic and easy going. It’s easy to meet people there *if you are into that kind of scene*.

Currently the price for a beer (Berliner 0.5L) is 2 Eur, just about everything is 2 Eur (non alcoholic is cheaper).

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Dunckerstr. 64
10439 Berlin
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Wednesday 25 November 2015
CloudrideConcert Duncker Club
Berlin, Germany
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