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  • incetardis

    hey somebody took pictures here for some detroit scene website or something and i can't remember and would like to see my pictures, just wondering if anyone knows?

    October 2010
  • si0uxsie

    LoveYouSomeEric is a sucky baby.

    April 2008
  • Room215

    Haha. The pig rocks. Sorry the staff wouldn't serve you an appletini. Yeah the place smells rank, it's a smoky bar with poor ventilation. There is usually a pretty strong crowd especially if the group is any good. The staff are friendly if you are nice to them. Some of my favorite shows have been there.

    December 2007
  • LoveYouSomeEric

    Hands down the worst venue in Michigan. No joke. The crowd is consistently full of shitty people and the staff is far, FAR worse. The setup is horrible; you can't really see the stage from anywhere but right up front. The downstairs where the bathrooms are (the 8-Ball) smells like stale beer and urine. Fuck the Pig. It would take a lot for me to ever return. Why good artists play there baffles me.

    October 2007