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  • VietMoneys

    Sounds like Midj is a sloppy drunk. I've been to at lest fifteen shows at this venue, blazed tough at all of em, and never had a problem. It is undoubtedly a pretty commercial venue, but they get good acts, and the atmosphere is one of a kind (and that's saying something, considering there's a dozen or so of these scattered around the US!)

    mars 2013
  • PaidMidj

    fuck the house of blues. they oversell their overpriced shows and kick people out without good reason just so they can sell more tickets at the door. never going there again. fuck hob!

    mars 2011
  • OLive-MaRTini

    mos def....dope

    maj 2009
  • lahuche64

    want to discover a new band ? try this one => http://www.myspace.com/boneshaker64

    juni 2007