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  • Dear friends! Here is the great trance radio: http://trance-one.com/radio/ I hope you'll enjoy it ;) Trance - connection people!
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  • Future Phat Album by Free the Radical http://www.last.fm/music/Free+The+Radical/Future+Phat+%28In+Between+Dancefloors%29 https://freetheradical.bandcamp.com/album/future-phat-in-between-dancefloors Future Phat - a new foray into beat related tunes. Gone are the purely ambient tones of the Gamma album. Replaced by driving rhythms, providing a base for the cosmic sounds FTR has become known for. It has been commented that track six, 'with half a Panda (Cosmic Cave)' is the standout track on the Album. The last track 'Bounce' hints at the potential of what FTR is about to create next. _____________________________________ Be it FTP or VDU, sensor driven or midi triggered - ZIP me up baby, I'm ready to drive. http://freetheradical.bandcamp.com _____________________________________
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7YK2yPx2ow
  • ▼ TRANCE MUSIC NEWS ▼ CLICK HERE ▼ http://www.electrowow.net/tag/trance/
  • Trance music is something more than just music... I've started to listen to trance music in 2001. I'd like to see here more new trance music like on http://trance-one.com/ . We need to support many young trance Djs. Because Trance - connecting people!)
  • Poor man's Tangerine Dream.
  • discover new music: e.g. start [url=http://www.last.fm/listen/user/trance-and-more/neighbours]playing my library[/url] and read up links on my profile (e.g. my "music neighbour evolution" page, you can see there which neighbours stay same over time + listen also to their libraries, ...)
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