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  • Кто не любит сёрф - тот не любит музыку.
  • raspberry bulbs is surf metal
  • surf metal please [2]
  • Я играю сёрф и мне хорошо!
  • AlexandrPanglos сосай
  • Привет! Предлагаю зацени банду с моего местечка, отличный коктейль из панка, хард-кора, психоделики и рок-н-ролла:
  • surf metal please
  • - PNW surf!
  • Beach Boys are metal
  • >surfgaze
  • Try these girls from Arisona! [artist]The Devil's Daughters[/artist]
  • They're not really surf rock.
  • Where the Shadows?
  • I totally was looking for some lo-fi medieval oppression music, but ended here. Silly me.
  • Surf rock rules! And yes, it must be instrumental. :) There was surf outside the USA or UK, too. Check out this Turkish Surf Rock compilation:
  • Real surf rock is instrumental [2] What are those 00's indie rock bands doing in the tag radio?
  • Real surf rock is instrumental...Ventures, Dick Dale, all that good stuff!
  • Infoiatis review here:
  • My apologies, I must have took a wrong turn somewhere, I'm actually looking for Serf Rock
  • what's shit?
  • indie cancer parasiting even this genre :(
  • Jan and dean!
  • [url='m+A+Bodyboarder/]Are you a Bodyboarder ?[/url]
  • surf durf
  • Who or what the @#$% is Goofyfooter? Well may you ask. Odds are that nobody has ever heard of us. We are new, but at the same time quite old! Been kicking around this planet for many years in other forms... and now we are Goofyfooter. No, we are not famous. We are not a "supergroup" made up of ex-members of other popular and successful bands. Quite the opposite, we are from bands that never made the bigtime, playing to half-empty rooms at dingy corner pubs. But who cares? Now, thanks to the Internet, we can be worldwide megastars! (maybe) Ahhh but that's not important... what is important is that we play music that feels good to us - and hopefully to you too. This is our brand of surf music - shitloads of reverb and tremolo, big acoustic guitars and the occasional splash of Hammond organ.
  • Check out modern surf rock!!1
  • yeah judging by its application this is a near meaningless tag
  • the origin of all I need ;-) que mas necesito por dios
  • Check out the Surf Music group at
  • What surf rock would I like if I like Weezer – Surf Wax America ?
  • That's actually a good question...
  • For the surfers, been curious for a long time now: does surfing actually feels like surf rock?
  • Check this newsurf band! Threesome Girl beating the drums all around :)))
  • the beach boys !
  • YEAH!!!...
  • omg i hate this tag
  • [url=]Corinne Bailey Rae - Trouble Sleeping[/url], [url=]Janis Joplin[/url], [url=]Philip Glass[/url], [url=]Aesop Rock[/url], [url=]Hatebreed - Destroy Everything[/url], [url=]Chromeo - Momma's Boy[/url], [url=]Black Eyed Peas My Humps[/url], [url=]Corinne Bailey Rae - Like A Star[/url] .
  • Ahhh surf! Bring it my way!
  • All Organic does a surf type song.. It wasn't really meant to be but the influence of dick dale and a couple others slipped through after playing them for hours on end. link to song video: Take a listen if you like, please do not regard this as spam, as that is not the intention.
  • Daikaiju has gotta be the best surf rock band I've heard in a long while.
  • I Like Surf Rock. Forever!!!!
  • fun times!
  • I really LOVE surf rock!))) It's so sunny and light...)))

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