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  • Not to be confused with [tag]electro house[/tag]
  • Dear all, please check [artist]Aeonic Clouds[/artist], new Croatian-Canadian synthpop/dream pop duo. [url=https://www.facebook.com/aeoniclouds]Facebook[/url], [url=https://instagram.com/aeonic_clouds/]Instagram[/url], [url=https://soundcloud.com/aeonic-clouds]Souncloud[/url] & [url=https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1MZvof6jaL4u84PakB-9Bw]Youtube[/url]. Thanks!
  • Experimental electronic music from Electro Jar: https://electrojarjar.bandcamp.com/
  • к звёздам - http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Lahti+Quliq/k+zvezdam
  • Boxbury Beat album out! (Norwegian Electropop pioneers from 1985) Containing 11 tracks including "Never Along With You" and "Windows"! Buy the album on CD or Vinyl from their online site, or mp3 from iTunes /CD Baby. http://www.boxburybeat.com/
  • ▼ ELECTRO MUSIC NEWS ▼ CLICK HERE ▼ http://www.electrowow.net/category/electro/
  • New single from EeerieSounds featuring Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Remix) http://soundcloud.com/eeriesounds/sets/runaway http://eeriesounds.bandcamp.com/album/runaway #Electronic #Alternative #Ambient #Noise
  • Kraftwerk #1 ! <3
  • ELECTRONIC-DISCO ROCK (MENEA EL BULLARENGE) January 16, 2015 Música para bailar y mandar los problemas a tomar por c__lo (fuck). Dale, ¡Vamos a quemar la pista!. https://playlistspotify.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/electronic-disco-rock-menea-el-bullarenge/
  • Electronic Chill Trip Hop, Mysterious Jazz (Air Relaxing Mixtape Vol,6) by DJ Gami.K https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2KY3dexIc4
  • Tag politics tho
  • discover new music: e.g. start [url=http://www.last.fm/listen/user/moreELECTROnic/neighbours]playing my library[/url] and read up links on my profile (e.g. my "music neighbour evolution" page, you can see there which neighbours stay same over time + listen also to their libraries, ...)
  • This tag is in a fucking pathetic state
  • Electro music is not Electroclash, Electro House, and whatever. Learn the difference. Even Kavinsky is not Electro, he's Synthwave. lol
  • Polish glitch/experimental electronic producer Nucleoheart presented trailer of his upcoming new album Goodbye Hegemony, watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuE-xzqfexA
  • DJ Gami.K produced "Zen Hop" in new musical genre. http://wacreans.com/ Zen Hop is meditation zen music include hip hop, trip hop, ambient, ethnic, abstract, downtempo, chillout. We are conducting a campaign to promote our free download. Relax and enjoy.
  • good term to filter out casuals who have no idea what they are talking about
  • Have you heard the huelsbeck's work ? An article is speacking about it over there : http://www.mkplacemusic.com/
  • https://soundcloud.com/thevillain/sets/castle-of-desolation
  • Secret Green Coffee speeds up the process of weight loss and makes you lose weight efficiently. http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?op=view&type=submission&id=3449071
  • Wow, this tag is a real mess... even more so than the emo one.
  • http://i.mixcloud.com/CGOFkb
  • https://soundcloud.com/ethons-bite/triplette
  • v Yes, it's like all the sub-genres with the name 'Electro' included are here, we need a clean up.
  • 'Electro' is more funk oriented, Crystal Castles, Justice and The Knife are not electro, duh
  • @electroncats *thumbsup*
  • Da Vosk Docta : Black Crystals x VICE magazine https://soundcloud.com/davoskdoctaone/black-crystals-x-vice
  • @Airex111167 electroncats answered properly
  • I second what electroncats wrote. I just hate how dance music is ill-defined.
  • Electronic means made using electronic instruments; electronica is a useless marketing term (though some people use it to mean electronic music that is not meant for dancing e.g. Bjork, IDM, trip hop, etc.); electro is a specific subgenre that essentially combined Kraftwerk's music with funk-derived rhythms. It's closely linked to Detroit techno and early hip hop. Some electro artists are Afrika Bambaataa, Mantronix, and Cybotron. It is not Crystal Castles or Justice.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwBNFuUzxGM
  • meaningless tag
  • There is no real difference. It is all electronic music meaning that electronic instruments were used to make it.
  • read about us on our official website and for most recent updates subscribe to us on facebook and youtube. our latest release is available only on bandcamp http://zastranienie.org http://www.facebook.com/zastranienie
  • From this came techno pop and some of the hotest electronic music today,"Techno" Check out my live radio broadcast show: [rhythm into motion] on www.deephouselounge.com Every 2nd & 4th. friday (2pm-4pm est) - -
  • http://www.lastfm.es/music/The+Unnamed+Project/_/Help+Me,+I+Am+In+Hell
  • Electro, breakbeat, hip-hop are related styles.
  • I think we misuse the term "electro" as a synonym of "electronica". I see "electro" more as the old-school electronica genre by definition, with those thumping, robotic synths. But I might be wrong.
  • Deep & soulful aims to promote the best sounds of, deep, tech and vocal house for amorous listening adventures! But it's not just music! It's also clubbing, graphics and lifestyle! Now going deep & soulful ıllılı http://www.facebook.com/deepsoulfulsounds
  • electro for life!
  • http://www.lastfm.de/music/Electrickx/Untitled+Album
  • electro 4 life muthaf's
  • Electronic from Russia http://www.lastfm.ru/music/S+t+e+p+l+e+r
  • how how mocker fum fumaca.. love you all fucks
  • new
  • i was just listening to this dubstep/electro type instrumental on http://instrumental.me
  • This tag means fuckall.
  • http://vk.com/soloniha вступай к нам самая качающая музыка и многое другоеее)))!!! приглашай друзей))
  • Synthpop/Medieval Electro http://www.last.fm/music/Epic+Church
  • Kind of a dumb name tho


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