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  • * ॐ मणिपद्मे हूँ, *
  • Uzależnia:)
  • Bumm, hau die Wände um!?
  • Kraftvoll, mächtig und doch friedlich - Das Hauptmantra des Buddhismus
  • When I am lost... :)
  • This was playing everywhere when I was trekking in Nepal and Bhutan. It brings back delightful memories of the Himalaya,
  • This Cd is just awesome I meditate a lot and practice reiki this fits nicely in with the journey I am taking right now. I am buying this for my friend as she has had rods put through her foot and across her ankle ouch and this will lift her up spritually and keep her energy up. What a wonderfull peice of Music brilliant to just listen to while meditating sitting quietly to reflect or to chant. I can't help but chant the words.
  • oh, hair raising, can see butfl tibet mountains, bhuddam saranam gachami !
  • yes : )
  • Simply takes us to peacefull state of mind!

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