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  • Ha! you're mainstream as well now! :D
  • I heartily congratulate myself on reaching 2,000 listeners today! Clearly, a lot of people like weird noises, subversive ideas, deconstructed musical genres and desynchronised anti-rhythms! Hooray for us!!
  • I´m everyday more impressed by Speculativism´s music! And there´re so many albums of him to discover!
  • great musician
  • I just realized that when I first started listening to you, I tagged you at 33. You are now at 1,115. I still have a long way to go to listen to all of your music. What a ride and a great journey. I am so looking forward to our collaboration.
  • crap is ok. Shite is also a main factor of human society and cultural development.
  • Well, I got the translation of "che schifezza" from google but the "maronna" part google doesn't have. I can only guess that it means something like "It's moronic that crap". (And I have to say, in my defence, that I never claimed it wasn't moronic crap)
  • @Niklando: I'm sure Speculativism would appreciate your take on the subject (though the translation would obviously cause it to lose that dialectal incisiveness)
  • toccata and fugue in blue....maronna che schifezza!
  • Congrats!
  • Wow! Passed the 1,000 listeners mark! I'm flabbergasted!
  • no, wtf is :) or :@, never :| more wtf music please.
  • tons o' fun! keep vibrating the air, Mr. Spec.
  • The current picture is fantastic.
  • Cool Ellington...been wanting to so some myself...
  • You've been linked to the [group]free artists[/group] group! Check out my new film on vimeo: - best regards [artist]david elsener[/artist]
  • Congratulations on achieving 1000 plays and 200 listeners! You have now graduated from [group]Chef Musinum[/group] and you connection will be moved to [group]Chez musinum[/group]!
  • Qapla' BevisBoy!
  • Consider joining [url=]under 100 listeners[/url] We support artists that have a low amount of listeners and deserve more.
  • Yeah, I know, it sounds like a lot of tracks from that era but then goes all weird... The idea was to take something very familiar sounding and mess around with it.
  • Like Science Fiction Music? New group:
  • and also Painting-K. la bella melodicino:)
  • yes, the 4D planet!
  • 4D Planet is very good advante-garde free form jazz. Makes me think of Hal from 2001-A Space Odyssey.
  • very confident and free esp. the anti-directional nature of tracks like Painting-C that seem to find position as they go along. the rhythm really supports a feeling of wandering.

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