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  • epic band. And hey kevin moore ! My hero in Images and Words by Dream Theater.
  • New album would be nice !
  • i just came in from Universe A and lmao apparently dan gildenlow isn't osi's vocalist here?? wow this is a nowhere nothing fuckup reality, condolences
  • Oh my God, these guys are pretty amazing! Can't believe I've never heard them before!
  • V THIS
  • New Album now!
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów OSI
  • New album in 2015? Every other album has come out 3 years after the previous.
  • i was here for Åkerfeldt
  • Love This Band
  • Free is still my favourite
  • I absolutely love the album Blood. Masterpiece .[5]
  • Amazing band.
  • Chique no urtimo!
  • Recommendation >> [artist]Arch/Matheos[/artist] ( You'll love it )
  • The Space Metal album "Chaos Venture 1.0" produced by Andrea De Paoli and Christian Casini featuring Kevin Moore(ex dream theater), Richard Barbieri(porcupine tree), Mark Zonder(fates warning), Tony Liotta, Andrea Tower Torricini, Simone Fiorletta, Nicola Fassi and many others will be released for Underground Symphony the 29th of october 2013 for Underground symphony label directed by Maurizio Chiarello https://soundcloud.com/chaos-venture/relativity for order album: www.chaosventure.com
  • Chaos venture are pleased to present the song "Relativity" from the album Chaos Venture 1.0 that will be released on the 29 th of october ! It is possible to listen on Soundcloud from this link: https://soundcloud.com/chaos-venture/relativity pre order the upcoming Chaos Venture album on Musicraiser with amazing and exclusive signed poster and t shirts..the time is short, till the 20 th of august!!! http://www.musicraiser.com/projects/1225 Guest:KEVIN MOORE,MARK ZONDER E RICHARD BARBIERI Www.chaosventure.com
  • "Fire Make Thunder: lives up the the OSI standards, well done Jim & Kev.
  • I absolutely love the album Blood. Masterpiece .[4] in a great discography, still easily their best
  • I absolutely love the album Blood. Masterpiece.[2]
  • I absolutely love the album Blood. Masterpiece.
  • perfect work
  • CHAOS VENTURE SPACE TRAILER . Songwriting by Andrea De Paoli, Christian Casini, Alberto Rizzo Schettino. A new genre named SPACE METAL will drive you into another dimension. Produced and Engineered at my studio. In collaboration with KEVIN MOORE, MARK ZONDER and RICHARD BARBIERI.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0oKlOoT1yo
  • Never liked Fates Warning or Chroma Key. But this music is quite interesting.
  • Amazing sound. Not too unique if you track possible influences but made to sound original ;) I'd like to review their album sometime, if they submit...
  • dool rock
  • Sean Malone YES !!!
  • "For Nothing" is haunting, deceptively complex, and so genuine it makes my heart hurt.
  • New album has its moments, but I felt Blood was epic. It fucking changed my perspective on music as a whole
  • I liked the new album.... very good prog.
  • The new album isn't as captivating as the previous ones.. Guess I have to listen to it more, but I'm not pleased.
  • 'For Nothing' is my fave off the new one and yeah, it does sound like Chroma Key.
  • @deadair22 You're not alone. "For Nothing" is one of the best tracks on OSI's repertory. I'm kinda biased due the Chroma-Key-ish vibe in that song, I kinda think it's a Graveyard Mountain Home leftover! Anyway, that track is absolutely brilliant and I made a little video for it. Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yn_tx1CswtM
  • I'm probably alone on this one, but I absolutely love "For Nothing". Might be my favorite OSI song :o
  • Disappointed. The production is good and I like their sound. But the songwriting doesn't stand up to their past work.
  • Whisper Not is my fave, but WWH is cool too.
  • Indian Curse bahut badiya!
  • Thus far, Guards is my personal favourite out of the new album. Dat fucking piano, man.
  • Wind Won't Howl is amazing. [2]
  • Fire Make Thunder, is amazingly addictive
  • what the fuck, fire make thunder is incredible. wind won't howl is, like, space-dye vest levels of fuuuuuuuuuck
  • New album is VERY good :) Cold Call and Wind Won't Howl are amazing tracks.
  • http://dontcountonitreviews.blogspot.com/2012/04/osi-fire-make-thunder-2012.html
  • OSI didn't disappoint me.
  • new album fucking rule!
  • Wind Won't Howl is amazing.
  • Invisible Men and Cold Call are epic tracks! So amazing prog
  • The new album is a logical follow-up to Blood, and just absolutely fantastic. Seriously guys, you rule. Never stop being awesome and making fantastic music!
  • New album is super! Xcellent job, as always.


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