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The white man call himself civilized
Cause he know how to take over
The white man come to pillage my village
Now he tell me I have to bend over

NOFX - Kill All The White Man şarkı sözleri


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  • this song is originaly by nofx. that shit can not come from peter tosh's mindset. if im wrong, gimme some link, some proof...
  • Oh god, people, don't look at her profile. != MySpace
  • @nickey_erskin - were you deprived of oxygen at birth?
  • Kill'Am All, Ёбта!
  • Lol. This song...
  • We will be rid of him, soon comes the day
  • @blastbeatdbeat- don't listen to them then. I'm sure they won't mind.
  • yeah kill them all :D
  • This song is hilarious.
  • I can get befront of this

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