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Spiritual Goa Trance | Ambient

Are you a fan of mystic, dreamy, hypnotic Goa trance filled with eastern melodies and magical moments? Search no further!

The aim of Mindsphere Music is to propel the listener and dancer into the middle of a whirling vortex of highly sensitive feelings and authentic emotions directly inspired by Ali’s experiences in life.

Old school Goa trance fans are certain to find themselves touched and bewitched by the diverse oriental tonalities of… Devamını oku

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  • LOL old cyclone sounds awful, I deleted it after finished listening to it. Music was good, but sound quality made me sick. Remastered version is awesome and listenable!
  • шикарный гоа
  • Overcompression adds atmosphere? Are you kidding?
  • I love your awesome shit
  • Overcompression doesn't add atmosphere, it destroys the dynamics in the music. The new re-released album sounds much better.
  • Inner Cyclone is overcompressed, but doesn't sound bad because of it - overcompression creates more atmosphere which adds mystical feel to the music. If you don't like it, you can listen to re-released, remastered CD which presents Ali's great sounds and ideas in much more cleaner way;]
  • @trancedanne, Hahhaha, seriously?! I think you need to seriously re-evaluate that comment or have your ears / brain checked. Innercyclone has to be one of the best psy-albums of all time. It's an absolutel masterpiece in so many ways. Doesn't let up or bore for a second!!!
  • музыка наотличненько, мистично и атмосферно! кто не слушал тот какашка.
  • awesome goa!!!11
  • poor

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