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  • YassineLemz için avatar
    Now Gotye is somebody that I used to know :(
  • LeonanBRA için avatar
    Valeu, Kimbra...
  • Buck63760 için avatar
    Masterpiece !!!
  • IEvEI için avatar
    that's feel, when you Russian, and dont know what to write^_^
  • LeonanBRA için avatar
  • emerson_scv için avatar
    Ainda amo ♥
  • icicle241286 için avatar
    I reckon this'll be remembered as a pop classic, in the same vein as "Don't You Want Me".
  • Natanaelbp için avatar
    Faltou a tag "plágio" ae. :)
  • Natanaelbp için avatar
    Luiz Bonfá - Seville
  • LeonanBRA için avatar
    Only God knows what this song made in my life! ♥ [2]
  • SerialKiller3 için avatar
    Only God knows what this song made in my life! ♥
  • hf1809 için avatar
    good song***
  • davidbowiegirl için avatar
    Good song yeah
  • alfiozzz için avatar
    it's a good song, the great thing being the soft drum train on start :)
  • hf1809 için avatar
    it great song*****
  • missbene için avatar
  • Ariues için avatar
    This video is hideous without Kimbra!
  • Kawabiker1958 için avatar
    Hier das Video ist mist
  • ANTHONY_FMTV için avatar
  • fidelisluciano için avatar
    amo escutar ate hoje <3
  • UnicornLg için avatar
    And my life changed after this ♥ [3]
  • jusO6 için avatar
    Suggest a correction: "Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra)" [9]
  • emerson_scv için avatar
    kimbra sounds like katy perry [6]
  • Borderer24 için avatar
    Definitely has a Sting feel to it
  • PhnomPencil için avatar
    wtf until today I thought this was by The Police!
  • gagammonster için avatar
  • foxmusicbox için avatar
    Wciąż kopie.
  • Alphaville73 için avatar
    hipnotyczna piosenka ;-)
  • 3901 için avatar
    Now, you're just some body. Now, you're just some body that I used. Now, you're just somebody that I used, you know? Now, you're just somebody that I used to know. Back off sweetie, I love happy trails.
  • x03c6 için avatar
    I really hate the video music. First i don't like his body, specially when they are zooming on his hairy belly button, second his mouth is too big. English speakers have big jaws. Please stop zooming on your big mouths.
  • SaprativRay için avatar
    Cannot help falling for the song. Such a beauty..
  • KozMix120 için avatar
    Still LOVE It <3
  • Jjmickle için avatar
    kesin illuminati plodkfdlğjgdfojıdoh
  • Natanaelbp için avatar
    Suggest a correction: "Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra)" [8]
  • HayleighRayment için avatar
    When I first ever heard Wuthering heights new vocal sounds like you eating prawn Ra gyrate retrieve the summer hit this year I hate the kindle was a summer baby on my phone number is not the man who played a good father and the control of the babies no more holidays booked for the photographs you took a good
  • flaviobjr için avatar
    Now and then I think of when we were together
  • garynotrashcoug için avatar
    Wasn't too familiar with him, until I heard this song and I reached out and grabbed me.
  • ewelkarewelka için avatar
    love love love!
  • MrShayton için avatar
    Nice Song
  • geeelise için avatar
    My sister and I are still convinced this is heavy with Eternal Sunshine references.
  • R4f4el için avatar
    kimbra sounds like katy perry [5]
  • Funky-Shit- için avatar
    kimbra sounds like katy perry [4]
  • DavidVSoho için avatar
    Am I the only one who listen to this song and think to The Sims 2?
  • zinnatylla26 için avatar
  • gotgore101 için avatar
    Oooo-la-la, he's hot as a firecracker!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MissWeird için avatar
    kimbra sounds like katy perry [3]
  • bloodywiill için avatar
    hino pra sempre
  • MarioAle için avatar
    lol him eyes are not brown!!!? him eyes are green...
  • gotgore101 için avatar
    I love this song, the man too. He has the prettiest brown eyes. OK, I stop now...he-he-he-he.
  • rtms1988 için avatar
    sounds like Sting [2] Agreed.


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