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  • Loved The Last Pale Light of the West, really speaks to the hidden poetry in Cormac's Blood Meridian.
  • Knew him before TWD.
  • Walking Dead brought me here [2]
  • I know that voice! Yup, Lucero!:-)
  • Walking Dead brought me here <3
  • Great!
  • All I know is I gotta move, All I know is to keep you close.
  • Ben and Blood Meridian's soundtrack: http://thehammockreview.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/the-soundtrack-of-blood-meridian-or-the-evening-redness-in-the-west/
  • My wife & I were introduced to Ben Nichol's music from his song "Shelter" in the Movie "Take Shelter". The Movie & the Song were excellent. Todd Snider had a song or two in a Movie called , "The Locksmith" that reminds me of their style. Keep kickin' out the good songs! Thanks, Tim
  • yes he is. both the song & the movie are top notch. which is understandable, for how can anything made by the Nichols brothers be any less?

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