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Beirut, Batı Avrupa ve Balkanlar'a özgü müziği pop müzik ile birleştiren ABD'li grup. Indie-rock tarzını dünya müzikleri ve ABD'deki popüler akımlarla bir araya getiren grup, kurucusu Zachary Francis Condon'ın solo bir projesi ile birlikte doğdu ve genişledi. Beirut ilk konserini Gulag Orkestar albümleri yayımlandıktan sonra Mayıs 2006'da New York'ta verdi.


Zach Condon New Mexico Santa Fe'de 13 Şubat 1986'da doğdu. Genç…

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  • I loved your show, what an amazing and talented spirit you´ve got
  • his voice sounds like Jim Morisson's
  • Beirut makes my soul happy (:
  • Beirut has that softness that accompanies without distracting you from your own thoughts.
  • Haha I fking love the clap sound on Gibraltar. The album does make me smile--I hope he puts out another meticulously orchestrated project someday, but in the meantime it's nice to listen to Beirut again.
  • :'-)
  • The album worked really well live, and the title track is beautiful. But recorded it feels like a step back
  • Bummer that I can't scrobble vinyl, otherwise Beirut would showing up a lot more on my list... beautiful new stuff.
  • Sick concert in Berkeley last night. They killed it.
  • the melodies are so uninspired on a lot of tracks. there are some solid tracks, but generally looking its way to short and a lot of songs are filler compared to their previous efforts. the leaving of kelly pratt (before the rip tide) and perrin coultier (before no no no) has made their sound too dry and too 'safe'

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