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Group for Firefox Greasemonkey Users, Developers, and Scripts.


...a group for Greasemonkey users, developers, and scripts!

Want to be notified when this list is updated without all the hassle of an overactive reply tracker?

Install one of the update notification scripts below (first 2 scripts under Statistics and Info). All news and script update notifications go to Greasemonkeys News and Script Updates. I'm the only one who can post to that thread so you'll always be sure that little update notification is genuine.

Looking for old scripts? Visit the archive.

Have you authored a script you want to post here? To have a script added to the overview, make a new discussion thread with the script name as the title. In the first post, provide a description of the script and a link from where it can be installed. I'll test the script and if it works, add it to the overview. The thread you create will then become your feedback and support point for users who have comments or bugs to report and for you to provide notifications of updates.

Thanks to all the script authors who update everything, everyday... Scripts
In order to use the scripts below, make sure you have Firefox and its Greasemonkey extension installed. Then simply click on the name of the script and select Install in the dialogue window.

Statistics and Info

[ 2008-07-19, Working ] Greasemonkey Group Updates to Homepage by syntax_error [ comments ]
Gets the date of the last post to the Greasemonkeys News and Script Updates forum thread and displays it on your homepage.
Based on Get Last Reply Date by snyde1.

[ 2008-07-19, Working ] Greasemonkey Group Updates to Profile and Homepage by Alan71 [ comments ]
Gets the date of the last post to the Greasemonkeys News and Script Updates forum thread and displays it on your profile, homepage, or both. To configure the script, go to your settings, click on the "GreaseMonkey Scripts" tab, check boxes as desired.
This script merges - Get last reply date by snyde1 and Greasemonkey Group Updates to Homepage by syntax_error.

[ 2008-07-25, Working ] Chart Changes by andrew_j_w [ comments ]
Shows how charts have changed over time.

[ 2008-07-29, Working ] - Normalised Chart by gadgetchannel [ comments ]
Adds option to view time normalised artist chart - uses mattperdeaux's XML feed.

[ 2008-07-30, Working ] - Highlight Same Artists by snyde1 [ comments ]
Highlights artists that you listen to on other users' profiles.

[ 2008-07-18, Working ] - Recently Played by BooooooooB [ comments ]
Inserts recently played information into the friends and recent visitors panels of user and group pages.

[ 2008-07-30, Working ] - My Top Tracks by snyde1 [ comments ]
Shows any tracks on artist pages that you've listened to by that artist.

[ 2008-08-07, Working] - Show landmark tracks by snyde1 [ comments ]
Allows user to find their "landmark" track plays on

[ 2008-07-23, Working ] Play Statistics by Alan71 [ comments ]
Adds extra play statistics to user profiles. Configure from the "GreaseMonkey Scripts" tab in your settings.

[ 2008-07-21, Working ] - Lyrics by esc4p1st [ comments ]
Adds lyrics from LyricWiki to a track page.

[ 2008-07-27, Working ] Compatibility Percentage by iriebob [ comments ]
Displays the percentage value in the compatibility bar on user pages.

[ 2008-07-28, Working ] - Get TOM by snyde1 [ comments ]
Displays taste-o-meter ratings for user lists.

[ 2008-07-28, Working ] - Get last reply date by snyde1 [ comments ]
Gets the date of the last post to's group forums of which you are a member.

Functionality and Aesthetics

[ 2008-11-17, Working] Ask for confirmation... by pumpkinlll comments ]
Asks for confirmation before closing a page playing radio.

[ 2008-12-10, Working] Inline Mininova links by wdaltec comments ]
Adds links to mininova downloads

[ 2008-07-20, Working] Paint it Black theme for v.2 by gdtroiano [ comments ]
A dark theme for

[ 2008-12-28, NEW] + Encyclopaedia Metallum by lajevardi [ comments ]
Shows a link to Encyclopaedia Metallum artist profile ( on "metal artist" and group pages. (Multilanguage)

[ 2008-07-24, Working] Header Quick Links by syntax_error [ comments ]
Adds various profile links on the right side of the header. See source code for editing and adding your own links.

[ 2008-07-24, Working] Clickable Username and Avatar by syntax_error [ comments ]
Makes username and avatar on user pages clickable.

[ 2008-11-6, Working] Event/Artist Filter by mirton comments ]
Filter out events/artists that appear over and over again in the Event Listings that you don't want to see.

[ 2008-07-25, Working ] - Favicon Changer by gadgetchannel [ comments ]
Changes the tab and address bar icon ("favicon") for based on your color setting (red or black).

[ 2008-07-27, Working ] - Hide Activity Box by snyde1 [ comments ]
Allows a user to toggle display of activity box in their own profile.

[ 2008-07-30, Working ] - Hide Radio by Alan71 [ comments ]
Hides the flash player on profile pages.

[ 2008-10-27, Working] Message Box Resizer by tburny [ comments ]
Makes the new message/reply text boxes larger.

[ 2008-08-18, Working] - Replace player with user profile by slosd [ comments ]
Replaces the playlist player with the user information on profile pages.

[ 2008-08-10, Working ] - Popup Radio Player by gadgetchannel [ comments ]
Allows playing of radio stations in a popup window.

[ 2008-09-12, Working ] Playlist and Tag Manager by maarten_gm [ comments ]
Generates a playlist from user input, tag or playlist.

[ 2008-20-10, New!] Replytracker by slosd comments ]
Adds the replytracker to your profile page.

[ 2008-08-04, Working] - Display Neighbours by Alan71 [ comments ]
Adds a Neighbours section to the right sidebar.

[ 2008-10-25, Working] single submit by tburny [ comments ]
Disables submit button on posts after posting to prevent double posts.

[ 2008-11-7, Working] Mutual Groups v2.0 by lunrfarsde comments ]
Shows mutual groups and an expandable group list on the user page.

[ 2008-12-28, NEW] by elhnz0 [ comments ]
adds download/notify/artist links from What.CD to

[ 2008-12-28, Working] Youscrobble by crosbow [ comments ]
Scrobbles videos from Youtube.

General Scripts
The following script(s) are not specifically related to but may be found useful once installed.

[ 2006-12-06, Working ] User Script Updates by Richard Gibson [ comments ]
Checks for updated versions of user scripts that request it, and notifies the user of their existence.

Last updated 2008-28-10.

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