Music that plays over the intercom at Walgreens drugstores. Will vary across districts and regions, but the basic playlists (80s, etc.) are the same everywhere. Edit this Artist photo: Jack's Mannequin

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  • MaddieWow


    December 2014
  • MaddieWow

    There's this song I really like that Walgreebs play. It goes something like, "Getting over you was hard to do"...."As time goes on, it heals our wound".... "Feelings rushing over me, rushing over me"... I'm dying to know the title and artist of that song!! If anyone knows it, please let me know! Thanks!

    December 2014
  • BennyG76

    i heard this great song today! it was kind of sad, and i wrote down 'every word seems to feel like you're choking' with a red sharpie on my hand. i looked it up on google when i got home with no results. im wondering if maybe i misheard the lyrics but im desperately hoping someone here knows what im talking about?? thanks for any help!

    October 2014
  • TaviaBearMommy

    Who sings this song, "It's gotta be love, can you feel it, it's something about it"....?

    October 2014
  • mikebhular

    Theres a song with the lyrics "we are lost children". Have been trying to find it forever and nothing comes up on shazam or any of those apps either

    October 2014
  • jaxwagsgal

    I have been trying to find this song that says "you'll be counting rainbows, and I'll. Be right here growing old." I have tried everything. please help. Our station is the R&B, jazzy one.

    September 2014
  • wagswag661

    Does anyone know the name of a alternative song that has a guitar solo and it goes "The only one, the only one" and I'm not sure but it sounds like he says "so damn sure" lol. Thanks in advance

    July 2014
  • skiptracer1966

    Please someone help me figure out this song. It runs in the rotation that start out with oldies but then has cool songs like Hong Kong Garden and She Bangs the Drums. The first lyrics are "surprise, surprise, surprise", then throughout lyrics that repeat like: "you rise, you rise, you rise" and "relax,relax, relax", the refrain "If I could, you know I would".

    July 2014
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