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  1. Image for 'U Want It [Single]'

    U Want It [Single]

    3,540 listeners

  2. Image for 'Tyler Adam & TyGuy Productions Presents: reMIX3D Vol. 2'

    Tyler Adam & TyGuy Productions Presents: reMIX3D Vol. 2

    1,044 listeners

  3. Image for 'Your Angel (CD Single)'

    Your Angel (CD Single)

    10 listeners

  4. Image for 'Never Will'

    Never Will

    146 listeners

  5. Image for 'Vanity Smurf'

    Vanity Smurf

    624 listeners

  6. Image for 'Nothing But Darkness'

    Nothing But Darkness

    1,065 listeners

  7. Image for 'Tellin' Secrets'

    Tellin' Secrets

    156 listeners

  8. Image for 'The Pen15 Club...Vol. 1'

    The Pen15 Club...Vol. 1

    217 listeners

  9. Image for 'Progress [LP]'

    Progress [LP]

    19,022 listeners

  10. Image for 'A B S U R D'

    A B S U R D

    4,572 listeners

  11. Image for 'Down The Hall [Single]'

    Down The Hall [Single]

    467 listeners

  12. Image for 'Sliding Doors [LIMITED EDITION] CD single'

    Sliding Doors [LIMITED EDITION] CD single

    11,128 listeners

  13. Image for 'So Fly Mixtape Vol. 1'

    So Fly Mixtape Vol. 1

    13,569 listeners

  14. Image for 'Bubble Gum Pop'

    Bubble Gum Pop

    6,856 listeners

  15. Image for 'GRIME [Free Single]'

    GRIME [Free Single]

    4 listeners

  16. Image for 'Mothers and Fathers'

    Mothers and Fathers

    1,531 listeners

  17. Image for 'On Time'

    On Time

    334 listeners

  18. Image for 'Love Making Love'

    Love Making Love

    0 listeners

  19. Image for 'Fuck The Chase'

    Fuck The Chase

    116 listeners

  20. Image for 'Tyler Adam & TyGuy Productions Presents: reMIX3D Vol. 3'

    Tyler Adam & TyGuy Productions Presents: reMIX3D Vol. 3

    1,008 listeners

  21. Image for 'Emergence (Trifonic vs. Tyler Adam)'

    Emergence (Trifonic vs. Tyler Adam)

    36 listeners

  22. Image for 'Bubble Gum Pop [Single]'

    Bubble Gum Pop [Single]

    166 listeners

  23. Image for 'Hard Times [Single]'

    Hard Times [Single]

    231 listeners

  24. Image for 'This Is Not a Test!'

    This Is Not a Test!

    70,157 listeners

    16 tracks · 1 November 2003

  25. Image for 'The Best Little Secrets Are Kept'

    The Best Little Secrets Are Kept

    94,542 listeners

    10 tracks · 22 March 2005

  26. Image for 'Robyn'


    434,544 listeners

    13 tracks · 2005

  27. Image for 'Invincible'


    202,612 listeners

    16 tracks · 29 October 2001

  28. Image for 'Greatest Hats'

    Greatest Hats

    114 listeners

  29. Image for 'Prophecy [EP]'

    Prophecy [EP]

    13,644 listeners

  30. Image for 'Pull Me Back Out [Single]'

    Pull Me Back Out [Single]

    2,532 listeners

  31. Image for 'Walk It Off [FREE Single]'

    Walk It Off [FREE Single]

    1,063 listeners

  32. Image for 'So Fly Mixtape Vol. 2'

    So Fly Mixtape Vol. 2

    15,983 listeners

  33. Image for 'Pushing Me [FREE PROMO Single]'

    Pushing Me [FREE PROMO Single]

    5,852 listeners

  34. Image for 'Hard Times'

    Hard Times

    414 listeners

  35. Image for 'All I Can Say (Single)'

    All I Can Say (Single)

    234 listeners

  36. Image for 'BiSsexual DreamZz'

    BiSsexual DreamZz

    229 listeners

  37. Image for 'Bubble Gum Pop [DJ Owen Tate Remix]'

    Bubble Gum Pop [DJ Owen Tate Remix]

    10 listeners

  38. Image for 'BubbleGum Pop [Limited Edition GroovyDisk Version]'

    BubbleGum Pop [Limited Edition GroovyDisk Version]

    1 listener

  39. Image for 'And Then Some [EP]'

    And Then Some [EP]

    17 listeners

  40. Image for 'Absurd [EP]'

    Absurd [EP]

    201 listeners

  41. Image for 'Enough [EP]'

    Enough [EP]

    9 listeners

  42. Image for 'Happy?'


    83 listeners

  43. Image for 'Just Like That (The Wake'n'Bake Song) [EP]'

    Just Like That (The Wake'n'Bake Song) [EP]

    124 listeners

  44. Image for 'Know That It's Me [EP]'

    Know That It's Me [EP]

    4 listeners

  45. Image for 'Enough [GroovyDisk Limited Edition Version]'

    Enough [GroovyDisk Limited Edition Version]

    6 listeners

  46. Image for 'So Fly Mixtape Vol. 3'

    So Fly Mixtape Vol. 3

    7 listeners

  47. Image for 'I Love You, Oh So Much (REMIXED) [EP]'

    I Love You, Oh So Much (REMIXED) [EP]

    271 listeners

    4 tracks · 24 April 2012

  48. Image for 'My King [Single]'

    My King [Single]

    1,052 listeners

  49. Image for 'What I Got 4 U'

    What I Got 4 U

    2 listeners

  50. Image for 'Maybe You Could Be'

    Maybe You Could Be

    11,726 listeners


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