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Symphonic Prog is without doubt the sub-genre that includes the most bands in Progressive Rock because for many people it's almost synonymous with classic Prog. Most of the classic and/or pioneer bands released music that could be included in this sub-genre. Jethro Tull, the moody blues and Pink Floyd still blended some symphonic elements, even King Crimson who very soon expanded their horizons to more experimental…

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  • Get bored with a Retrospective Collection of Sensitive Instrumentals from Scandinavia. http://www.last.fm/music/Vintage+and+Nature
  • How can people say its the most boring sub-prog? almost every major prog band is symphonic
  • The most boring prog sub genre for me....
  • BLUE MAMMOTH band official site http://www.bluemammothband.com/ - an exciting blend of prog music, hard rock and symphonic features
  • http://www.last.fm/music/Petrus+Castrus
  • To outrenoir - Symphonic prog is a deliberate attemp to replicate the use of symphonic arrangements but using rock instruments.Not all 'Yes' songs are Symphonic prog though, who have played a very diverse range of music during their time.Most of the time with at least, an element of progressiveness in their songs.Not always though.Symphonic rock isn't necesarily progressive either.Symphonic prog uses it as it's primary musical template though.Symphonic music is generally progressive in nature as is the more classical / symphonic end of jazz.Not all jazz is progressive, again, though.Hope that gets you thinking a bit.It's not that easy to explain, unless you know the music..Alot of modern prog (since the mid 90's) isn't that symphonic at all - it's still progressive.Alot of '70's prog wasn't symphonic for that matter even.
  • if the characteristics of this are identical to that of regular prog why bother making this a subgenre? Surely anything else (Neo-prog, avant-prog and whatnot) are the only ones that need distinguishing from common prog rock with different terms, and those aren't particularly "rock" anyway, like this isn't particularly "symphonic".
  • probably the least interesting prog sub genre when it comes to modern music
  • http://www.lastfm.pl/group/Andrew+Latimer a group for Andy Latimer fans
  • ascoltate NANGALA VALLIS: superlativi!!!!! ciao a tutti gli amanti del prog! GIORGIORAMA

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